Portable Exhaust Fans For the Kitchen

Working in the kitchen can be troublesome especially in hot and humid areas. For those who love cooking, staying longer in the kitchen requires the best equipment. The cooking process causes heat and vapors in the place that causes discomfort for the persons in the kitchen. No matter how open and airy your place is, it is great to go for modern equipment like exhaust fans to eliminate uneasiness.


Exhaust fans are a modern electrical device that takes in the air from inside the place or room and throws it outside the place or room. Thus, the hot and humid air is soon thrown outside the room and is occupied by the fresh air. This thus eliminates the discomfort due to the heat, foul smell, and vapors. Exhaust fans are ideal to be used in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

Selecting an exhaust fan for your kitchen is difficult especially when you don’t know about the electrical devices. Henceforth, today we bring to you the best technical and detailed review of the top-rated and highly grossing exhaust fans for kitchens in the market. Our team has reviewed different small kitchen exhaust fans and brings the top five devices.

Top 5 portable exhaust fans for kitchen

1.      Broan-NuTone 505 Exhaust Fan

Broan-NuTone 505 Exhaust Fan, White Vertical Discharge Ceiling Ventilation Fan, 8.5 Sones, 200 CFM, 8” is one of the highly recommended small kitchen exhaust fan available in the market. It is white.


·         It works on 8.5 Sones and 200 CFM.

·         It comes with keyhole slots and steel mounting brackets.

·         It has paintable polymeric grills.

·         It has HVI certification and is ENERGY STAR certified.

·         The size of the product is 8.25*7*8.25 inches.

·         The weight of the product is 6.85 pounds.


·         It is an ideal exhaust fan that eliminates humidity, cooking fumes, and foul smell from your kitchen.

·         It can be easily installed between the ceiling joists and fits in the universal 8 inches round duct.

·         It works at comfortable listening levels with great air output to ensure no additional noise.

·         It saves energy and uses 120V AC power for operations.


·         It is necessary to calculate the internal height of the unit before placing it in the vent.

2.      HG POWER Though-the-Wall Ventilation Fan

HG POWER Through-the-Wall Ventilation Fan High CFM
6 Inch Exhaust Fan, Extractor Blower, Exhaust Attic, Garage, Kitchen, Bathroom, Ventilation Fan, Windows Fan, Ceiling
and Wall Mount Exhaust Fan (309 CFM) is another leading choice in the small kitchen exhaust fans. It has a
powerful backdraft shutter damper.


·        It has double ball bearing motors, thickened blades, and paint impellers.

·        It has a brushless motor.

·        It has an airflow of 308 CFM and the speed of the motor is 2800 revolutions per minute.

·        It has baking varnish on all components.

·        The size of the product is 7*7*5inches.

·        The weight of the product is 3.72 pounds.


·        It is an ideal exhaust fan thatremoves foul smells, cooking vapors, and humidity from the kitchen, and the backdraft shutter damper prevents leaking of the air back to the kitchen.

·        Its motor doesn’t create loud noises and is durable.

·        It saves electricity at your place as it comes with a brushless motor.

·        It is easy to install this exhaust fan.


It doesn’t come with matching Screws 

3.      Hon&Guan 6 Inch Home Ventilation Fan

Hon&Guan 6 Inch Home Ventilation Fan, Bathroom, Garage Exhaust Fan, Ceiling and Wall Mount Exhaust Fan for Kitchen/

Bathroom, Super Silent, Strong Exhaust (High CFM) 150D is a leading choice in
finding a small kitchen exhaust fan the best for your requirements.


·        It has an airflow of 160 CFM and works at 110V.

·        The fan frame and blades are made up of durable ABS plastic.

·        It works in Hon&Guan silent-clever technology with 0.8 sones.

·        It has continuous and periodic exhaust functions.

·        It has a protection class rating of IP34.

·        The size of the product is 6.4*6.2*4.1 inches.

·        The weight of the product is 1.15 pounds.


·        It has a pure copper motor that hasoverheat protection and is a durable exhaust fan that is made of the best quality materials.

·        It doesn’t create noise while working and is ideal for places having kids.

·        It can be installed on the ceiling or the walls.

·         It comes with a backdraft shutter top revent the entry of insects into the kitchen.


·         Its damper hinges become sloppy.

4.      HUGOOME Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan 188 CFM, 18W, 320meter cube per hour,Ventilation Extractor with Anti-backflow Check Value Chain Switch, Window and Wall Mount Vent Fans for Kitchen, Bathroom, Greenhouse Garage by HUGOOME is another choice in selecting a small
kitchen exhaust fan.


·        It has a grille cover design.

·        It has a wear-resistant sleeve bearing motor.

·        It comes with 39.4 inches power cord.

·        The size of the package is 8.7*8.23*4.53 inches.

·        The weight of the package is 1.94 pounds.


·        It has a seven-blade design for effective exhausting and improved efficiency.

·        It has a powerful airflow of 188 CFM that is ideal for big and small kitchens.

·        It can be installed quickly on a window or wall.

·        It has noise-free operations.


·        It runs old soon.

5.      iPower 12 Inch Variable Shutter Exhaust Fan

iPower 12 Inch Variable Shutter Exhaust Fan, Aluminum with Speed Controller, and Power Cord Kit, 1620 RPM, 16200 CFM,
2-pack, Silver is also a great option in finding a small kitchen exhaust fan.


·        It has automatic shutters and has CFM capacity of 1420.

·        It has 3-pole grounded plug construction.

·        It has one switch for multiple-speed control.

·        It has 3-foot clamp wire connectors.

·       The size of the product is 14.96*14.96*7.88 inches.

·        The weight of the product is 21.1 pounds.


·        It comes with multiple speed controls and can be operated easily.

·        It is easy to install this durable exhaust fan.

·       It has a powerful CFM that ensures proper ventilation in the kitchen.

·        It is available in single and multiple units packing.


·        It is not ideal for cold weather.

        Buying Guide:

Are you planning to buy a small kitchen exhaust fan for your place? It is recommended to gothrough the quick buying guide that helps you make the best selection. The best features that should be considered while deciding on the best portable exhaust fan for the kitchen include:

·        Size of the kitchen exhaust fan:

It is best to start by taking the proper measurements of the area in which you want to fit your kitchen exhaust fan. This depends on the size of the kitchen to ensure proper ventilation. The size further affects the CFM capacity of the kitchen exhaust fan that is the measure of the air output from the kitchen.

·        Noise level of the kitchen exhaust fan: 

             Any small kitchen exhaust fan should work at the least noise levels. The increasednoise levels due to the presence of the rotating equipment in the fan causesdiscomfort instead of improving the working conditions in the kitchen. Thus, you must go for the kitchen exhaust fans that operate with minimal or no noise.

·        Power consumption of the kitchen exhaust fan:

The kitchen exhaust fan uses electrical energy and hence it is crucial to consider the power consumption of these modern devices. The kitchen exhaust fans with silent motors consume less motor while the big motors may add to your monthly energy bills.

·        Blade material of the kitchen exhaust fan:

Blades of the kitchen exhaust fan rotate continuously that disperses the air from the kitchen. Thus, blades should be made up of the best quality materials. You can go for the kitchen exhaust fans that come with blades made up of hardened plastic or metal.

·        Design and color of the kitchen exhaust fan:

You may select from the different designs andcolors of the kitchen exhaust fans. The multiple options in the exhaust fansmake it easy for different persons to choose the different aesthetics in theexhaust fans. Thus, these design and color options make it easy to match the existing décor of the kitchen.

·        Price of the kitchen exhaust fan:

Once, you’ve decided on the different features of a small kitchen exhaust fan, it is
time to move to the pricing. You can select two to three options and then can
make your choice based on the multiple deals and discounts on different products
offered by all manufacturers.

Wrapping Up:                     

So, have you made up your mind in selecting the
kitchen exhaust fan for your requirements? It is easy to select any option out
of the given top five products that are used and then reviewed by our technical
team. You can go through the quick buying guide to facilitate your decision. It
is all about making your kitchen a better place to work at affordable pricing
only. All you need to do is forget your worries and start ordering a small kitchen exhaust fan now!

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